A – One Snacks, Seven Roads (soft drinks and snacks)
Apna Punjab, Poet Thyagarajar Road (North Indian Vegetarian)
Carlton Hotel, Boat Club Road (Continental & Indian, Veg. & non-Veg.)
Coffee House, Shopping Complex (Snacks)
Garden Manor, Lake Road (Continental & Indian, Veg. & non-veg.)
Hill Top Inn. Club Road (Chinese & Indian, Veg. Non-veg.)
Hotel Astoria, Anna Salai, (Indian, Veg.)
Hotel Ashok, Anna Salai, Bazaar (Indian, veg. & ice-cream)
Hotel Punjab, Poet Thyagarajar Road (North Indian, veg. & non-veg.)
Hotel Tamil Nadu. Fernhill Road (Indian Veg. & Non-veg.)
J.J.Fast Foods, Sathya Complex, Seven Roads (veg. & non-veg. Fast foods)
Kodaikanal Boat Club, Boat Club Road (veg. Snacks)
Kodaikanal Milk Bar, Poet Thyagarajar Road (veg. Snacks)
Kodai Resort Hotel, Noyce Road (Continental & Indian, veg. & non-veg)
Lala-ka-Dhaba-Poet Thyagarajar Road (North Indian, veg. & non-veg)
Manna, Bear Shola Road (Western, veg.)
Packia Deepam, Bus Stand (Western, veg.)
Paradise Inn. Law’s Ghat Road (Western & Indian, veg & non-veg.)
Punjabi Dhaba, Shopping Complex, Anna Salai (North Indian, veg. & non-veg.)
Rajay Restaurant, Bus Stand (North Indian, veg.)
Shanmuga Vilas Hotel, Law’s Ghat Road (South Indian, veg. & non-veg.)
Silver Inn. Poet, Thyagarajar Road (western & Indian, veg. & non-veg.)
Sornam Restaurant, Fernhill Road (Chinese & Indian, veg. & non. Veg.)
Sterling Resorts, Gymkhana Road (Western & Indian, veg. & non veg.)
Sujkay Snack Bar, Anna Salai (veg. Snacks)
Tava, Sathya Complex, Seven Roads (North Indian, veg. Snacks)
Tibetan Brothers, Poet Thyagarajar Road (Tibetan & Chinese, veg. & non-veg.)

Besides these restaurants, there are number of other restaurants in and around Anna Salai and the Bazaar.